Remove Harmful Contaminants

Remove Harmful Contaminants

Get help from an experienced water filtration company in Gastonia, NC

Do you prefer drinking bottled water over tap water? Buying water bottles gets expensive, not to mention all the plastic waste that ends up in the landfill. With a little help from our water filtration company in Gastonia, NC, you can make your tap water just as pure as bottled water.

Helms Plumbing and Drains LLC can offer you a high-quality water filtration system for sale, and we also service systems once they are installed. Be sure to ask about our comprehensive warranty when you contact us today.

What can a water filtration system do for you?

As a trusted local water filtration company, we offer our customers a wide variety of benefits. Purchasing a water filtration system for sale can allow you to:

  • Remove chemicals and contaminants
  • Soften hard water
  • Solve iron problems

You'll be left with better tasting, cleaner water. Call today for a free installation estimate.